Vacature TI Macedonia: Senior Expert Public Administration/Employment Procedures

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Amsterdam, 30 juli 2019 – TI Macedonia recently commenced with the project “Vulnerability to Corruption Assessment of the employment policies and procedures, with special focus on nepotism, cronyism and clientelism”, supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherland. For the implementation of the project TI Macedonia is searching for a Senior Expert (10+ experience) in Public Administration and Employment Procedures. The assignment involves a review on the vulnerability to corruption in the employment procedures and rules development in public administration reform.

Expert’s assignment

The expert should give a comparative overview and opinion on the analysed documents and recommendations and should provide high level strategic policy and technical advice for improvement of the employment procedures and related policy documents necessary for the public administration reform.

The expert will cooperate closely with national expert in the Republic of North Macedonia and the project team that will be working on legislative and institutional assessment and analysis.

Expert’s experience

  • Knowledge in employment procedures in administration
  • 10+ years of international and comparative experience in providing advice for public administration reform and employment procedures
  • Experience in corruption risk assessment in employment processes


To write a report presenting detailed comments and recommendations on the employment procedures and rules development and public administration reform

The report should include recommendations and comments on the following areas:

  1. Identify the corruption vulnerabilities in the existing policies, legal and institutional framework.
  2. Identification of gaps in the existing processes related to employment in different target groups for example, and this list is not complete: the judiciary, health sector, police, SOE’s, regulatory agencies and others.
  3. Level of risks and what prompts for these levels of risks.
  4. Participation on final conference

The expert should consider all other relevant documents and procedures relevant to the above mentioned areas.


A total number of 20 days in the period of September 2019 – March 2020

Expert’s fee: 550 EUR


Deliverables timeframe:   

Deliverables Expert’s days Timeframe



Comments to the Report on legislative vulnerabilities





September 2019- December 2019


b. Comments to the Report on institutional vulnerabilities for each of the target groups


7 November 2019- January 2020
c. Recommendations for controlling the risks (preventing and mitigating)


4 January 2020- March 2020
d. Participation on final conference: presentation of reports and recommendations 2 May 2020

Contact TI Macedonia

The expert’s CV should be submitted to Transparency International Macedonia e-mail

* Project “Vulnerability to Corruption Assessment of the employment policies and procedures, with special focus on nepotism, cronyism and clientelism “ is financially supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands in North Macedonia.